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Silk Purse From A Sow's Ear or Water Damage 101

A message from Sue Giguere. It seems that life throws challenges at all of us each day, some big, some minor, some personal, some health related, some weather related…..and the list goes on. I’ve decided to write a mini diary about Care & Comfort’s latest challenge. Why, because I know this is going to be one of those that will have a positive outcome and there are going to be many humorous moments along the way. To revise an old saying just a bit, “When you have a bunch of ice and a bunch of lemons” you make great iced lemonade!”  Check in with us frequently to follow our progress.


So, it was a quiet Sunday afternoon spent reading the Sunday papers, that is until the call came in. January 12, 2014, we got the call from our cleaning people that there seemed to be some water damage at our corporate offices in Waterville. Oh, water damage, how bad could it be? We arrived at the office a little while later to find out that water accumulated, froze and then melted on the flat roof. Just imagine the melting continued, as did the water damage inside. My secret weapon ~ that would be Leo, my husband ~ together with a Home Mods worker shoveled what they could up into the roof drains. After a few hours, they had done what they could and we returned home. After a few phone calls, I made the dreaded call to the insurance broker to tell him what was going on. Mike Varney of the Varney Insurance Agency replied promptly Sunday evening telling us, not to worry; he was on it and would report to our insurance carrier first thing Monday. As you may know, our offices have many administrative and clinical offices as well as a day program. There are many who depend on Care & Comfort our clients for services we provide and our employees for work they do. We are being told that the process from beginning to end will take at a minimum of 6 weeks to as long as 6 months. This event is just another way we will show how to take a disaster turn it on its head and move through the challenges with a party planned for the end. Join us in our adventure



By 2pm on Monday, there was a Disaster Recovery Team in place and we had the plan. The Varney Agency, our insurance company, lead the team as we assembled the workers. The assessment of damage was begun and an initial plan put in place. Josh of ServPro arranged for ProMovers to relocate employee files, and then arranged for a generator-powered trailer in our parking lot, which is 42 long with air handlers/purifiers that are drying out the building. Thanks to TD Bank, Don Allen had his serious trucks in place to remove debris from the roof. This all happened around 8 am this morning. Workers climbed to the roof and began removing the remaining ice buildup. Bang, crash, rattle rattle noises were heard throughout the building, but they did make short work of it. Ceiling tiles, grids, and insulation will be removed over the next 96 hours. But not to worry, there will be large plastic curtains in place as this work is done. A long time ago when the unexpected happened, I coined the phrase, every day is a camping day. If case you don't know what that means: when you are camping you may come prepared, but know that there is always going to be something unexpected. You may think you've thought of everyone and everything but you haven't. Like the time we experienced a campground overrun by skunks! So today was just another camping day. All of our staff and clients have been so patient as we move through this challenge and to each I say THANK YOU!



“SILK PURSE FROM A SOW’S EAR” OR “WATER DAMAGE 101”, January 17th, 1014
the ice storm saga continued

Well Friday is here and the Disaster Plan is moving at a slightly slower pace. Don Macomber, C&C's project manager, divides his attention between overseeing this work, while continuing to oversee Home Modification Specialist customer work that is renovating and repairing homes in the Kennebec and Franklin Counties. I'll bet he is really looking forward to the weekend!  From today's pictures, you can see that we do have plastic up to separate the workspaces from demolition so work can continue. All workspace is up for grabs including my office that was filled with a supervision because we are all in this together. The Varney Agency Insurance company continues to guide us as we move along in the re-construction process. There are so many facets to this plan, first - have to become knowledgeable about issues, look at options, look at price and then make informed decisions. Handholding is a wonderful thing, thank you Craig and Varney. Little did I know when I started a business that I would have to know so much about so many different things.


“SILK PURSE FROM A SOW’S EAR” OR “WATER DAMAGE 101”, January 20th, 2014
the ice storm saga continued

We are officially in week 2, the Dempsey Program area seems to be drying nicely and we are all enjoying the drying equipment that is now in our building. I was told by Shane of ServPro that for as long as the equipment is in the building, we can expect the temperate to be 100+. So the bright side is…we all have the advantage of warm weather without having to leave Maine. The good news is that this is definitely making a difference because the machines are drying everything that is wet. We are meeting again with the structural engineers as well as insulation people to continue moving forward. We’ve also learned that because of our great insurance with the Varney Agency any additional electrical costs are covered by insurance, I would never have thought of that. Thank you to all of our Waterville Branch staff for your patience and we are sorry that you have to have so much of it! Last week I said I bet Don Macomber would be thankful for the weekend, well there is a picture taken by Don of our offices timed at 6:45 Sunday….not exactly what I thought he would be doing then. Thank you so much Don!


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