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Care & Comfort and Their Employees Support Buttons For Babes

Care & Comfort and Their Employees Support Buttons For Babes

Before you discard those articles of clothing with buttons on them pause for a moment and think of a child ~ yes a child! A child with autism who might benefit from Therapeutic horseback riding lessons, one with special needs who requires adaptive equipment or who would like to go to summer camp where they can have fun just like their friends or siblings do or a teen who would benefit from a positive mentoring experience. Those little buttons that seem to have no value are in fact priceless!

Volunteers have crafted nearly 2,800 Buttons For Babes Bracelets; each uniquely sewn from buttons collected in the community. Bracelets have found their way to: The Netherlands, Germany, Ecuador, Taiwan, France, and Finland and someone in nearly all 50 states has one. Hillary Clinton commented on a bracelet worn by a CBS news producer, Senator King’s wife, Tabby, has one as does Senator Collins and Ann LePage.

The staff of Care & Comfort’s Wilton Branch has followed the Buttons For Babes project since its beginning a few years ago and chose them to be the recipient of their semiannual Jean Fund proceeds. Joe Tinkham, C & C’s Branch Manager, remarked after the check presentation “Each day we work with families who are struggling. Whether it is financially, emotionally, health-related or for other reasons - they are facing challenges. We knew when we picked this organization as the recipient that they will carefully select those who will ultimately benefit from our gift. All of us realize that we probably wouldn’t be very good at making the fantastic bracelets, but we want to lend our support to the 400 volunteers who do."

The Jeans Day Fund, launched over 12 years ago, is an ongoing collaborative fundraising effort between Care & Comfort and its administrative employees. Jean Day allows staff to leave their usual work attire at home and wear jeans on Fridays for a $2.00 donation. The company matches every dollar raised, and the employees of each branch select the local recipients’ twice a year.

Susan D. Giguere, Care & Comfort’s Founder and CEO said, “Our team provides critical and valued Home Health and Mental Health services to individuals and families throughout the State and when we can support a local group that helps families with the most basic of needs we will.” She added, “I am thrilled our staff selected Buttons For Babes which has fulfilled requests for cribs, diapers, car seats, transportation to medical appointments, bedding, food, assistance with housing rehabilitation costs and so much more. In making this donation, we are supporting a project that positively impacts people in our community through its mission to help children birth through 18 who live in the Greater Franklin County Area.”

Buttons For Babes is a program of United Way of the Tri-Valley Area. For more information about the project, including how to donate buttons, visit www.uwtva.org or call (207) 778-5048.

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