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Care & Comfort and our Waterville Staff support the Family Violence Project


Care & Comfort and our Waterville Staff support the Family Violence Project

Care & Comfort and our Corporate Administrative Staff presented The Family Violence Project a Jean Fund grant to aid their mission of providing support and advocacy to persons affected by family violence.
Thanks to the generosity of individuals, groups and agencies such as Care & Comfort, the Family Violence Project provides many needed and vital services. Currently, these include a helpline, advocacy work, support groups, shelter & supportive housing, prevention & training programs, children’s work, and Menswork, a program that works directly with abusers who want to change their behavior.
“It’s hard to imagine a cause more deserving than this one. Sometimes we take pride in the fact that compared to other states, Maine has very little random violence,” said Mike Stair, Care & Comfort’s COO during the presentation. “Well, the unfortunate flip-side of that coin is that a significant share of the violence that we do have instead is domestic violence. In 2013 almost 5,500 domestic violence incidents were reported in Maine, and a considerable number went unreported. Less than 1 in 5 of the reported incidents resulted in an arrest. We are fortunate to have the Family Violence Project as a resource in our area to provide assistance and education, and they are working tirelessly in Kennebec and Somerset to bring these numbers down. We’re very pleased that the Staff chose to contribute their Jeans Fund donations, which along with the Agency’s matching funds we hope will make a difference in combatting domestic violence across our region.”
This gift was made possible through The Jeans Fund, an ongoing collaborative fundraising effort between Care & Comfort and our employees. Every Friday is Jean Day, and staff may leave their usual work attire at home and wear jeans for a donation. The company then matches every dollar raised, and the employees of each branch select their local beneficiary semi-annually.

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